Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How Lefty is Elizabeth Warren?

President Obama has nominated Antonio F. Weiss to be under secretary of the Treasury.

He is co-author of a white paper calling for higher taxes on the rich and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party. 

Yet, Senator Warren is opposing the nomination because, according to NYT,  "Obama’s nominee to be under secretary of the Treasury for domestic finance, has given the left an unlikely rallying cry to press for a more aggressively liberal economic policy agenda...the Warren wing’s belief that Democrats must realign their economic policies with the interests of working-class voters, particularly white men without college degrees."


  1. As a white man without a college degree, I support the aggressively liberal economic policy of shutting down liberal amounts of alphabet soup agencies and trying liberal numbers of their agents for treason at Nuremberg Round 2.

    But for some reason, I get the feeling that's not what Senator Warren means!

  2. I didn't understand the reasons stated in the NYT. If they'rr accurate, it would tell me that Warren is not so much a lefty but rather that she is insane.

    1. "...it would tell me that Warren is not so much a lefty but rather that she is insane."

      What's the difference?

  3. What about helping out working class white men without college degrees by resurrecting Operation Wetback?