Friday, December 19, 2014

If You Don't Pick Up Pennies You See on the Street...

...Extending the logic, you shouldn't pick up pennies that you, yourself, drop on the sidewalk, or wait for a penny in change.

Even inside of most stores, I generally don't pick up a penny, or even a dime, that I have accidentally dropped.

At present, if change is 10 cents or less, I don't wait around for the change. I have blog posts to put up and I am not going to play the game that government created change is worth very much these days, given the way they government has destroyed the value of money over the years via inflation.


  1. Could you post a list of your daily coordinates on you blog....some of less are not so well off!

  2. People do tend to have loss aversion, so it would be entirely non surprising if some people would pass up a penny on the street but would stop to pick up a dropped penny. My two cents.....

  3. I used to throw pennies away because I felt they were more of a hassle to me than they were worth. I always hated having pennies clogging up the tray/console of my car and received great satisfaction out of throwing them into the trash. I use cards for most of my transactions now, so don't have many penny problems any more.

  4. If more people followed that advice there would be far more coins on the floors and streets making it economical to make the trip down to pick them up.
    Would there be more coins littering the streets? nope as more coins drop, the greater the incentive would be to scoop them up

  5. That depends on what you can do with a penny - or at least copper pennies
    You may want to see what this entrepreneur is doing with change -->

  6. Similarly RW, I purposely use gas stations that are a little more than the lowest in my area because the time difference is significant. People swamp the routinely low stations and there's a substantial wait at times for a pump.

    I'm not interested in waiting 10-20 minutes more for .02 - .05/gallon savings.