Saturday, December 6, 2014

Krugman Admits His 2012 Book Was Goofy

Well, sort of.

In April 2102, Paul Krugman's book, End This Depression Now!, was published.

In that book he wrote:
Maybe, just maybe, our economies will be on a rapid path to true recovery by the time this book reaches the shelves. and this appeal won't be necessary. I surely hope so--but I very much doubt it...These are terrible times...
In an NYT post today, he now admits that the recovery started 3 years before his book came out and that:
By any standard I can think of, the Obama-era job recovery has been stronger than the Bush-era job recovery. 
He even includes charts, which show his warning in the 2012 book was nonsense:

Oh yeah, he even dedicated the book:
To the unemployed, who deserve better.
That is, to a group of unemployed that was shrinking years before Krugman put out his book of warning.

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