Monday, December 15, 2014

More Krugman Animal Rain

It's still raining animals at Paul Krugman's desk, but I would classify it more as a passing shower than a full-fledged animal storm.

In a new post, he makes some pretty good points, though he laments that Russian interest rates are climbing. Say, the Krug, in further evidence of his lack of understanding about Austrian School Business Cycle Theory,  the central bank is " raising interest rates... , but only at the cost of deepening the recession."

And he seems to blame Putin for the crisis in Ukraine. He must have missed the "F--k the EU" tape.

But he does end with a final good note implying that Russia really is no threat to the United States:
[T}alk of a new cold war, comparisons between Putin’s Russia and the USSR, look a bit silly now, don’t they?



  2. Everyone needs to listen to flavor flave in public enemy every day they listen to the media...and I think it applies to all media even Wenzel.

    Don't believe, don't believe. Don't believe the hype.

    Everyone just calm the f@@k down please. Ebola, Russia, isis, name it. Its all hype. Don't believe the hype...keep your head down, work hard, and keep chipping away at the arguments for the state.