Thursday, December 4, 2014

Restaurant Replaces Humans with Robot Waiters

A restaurant owner in China is opting to save on employee wages by foregoing traditional servers and using robots instead.

The eatery, located in a shopping mall in Ningbo, a city in China’s northeastern Zhejiang province, has become a big tourist draw with its futuristic waitstaff.

Each robot costs over $9,400 but owner Lu Dike insists that he is still saving money over the long term, reports The Daily Mail.


  1. Robots don't unionize, complain, or insist on minimum wages.

    How long before we start seeing this kind of thing in socialist bastions like Seattle? Will they pass a law banning robots too?

    1. Banning certain robots seems like a nice addition to the "Workers Bill of Rights" we are seeing in San Fransisco.

      On another note, I have been to Ningbo. My partners and I had clothing manufactured there in the 90's. Based on the modern restaurant in the video Ningbo seems to be a much different city today. When I was there there were no establishments like in the video. On the streets it was common to see animal and human drawn carts and rickshaws that looked to be from the early 1900's. Not that there were no cars and trucks, the traffic was ridiculous. The whole reason we were there was for cheaper labor, now robots are economical. Gotta love change.

  2. What % is the acceptable rate for tipping a robot?

  3. I'd go for the novelty of seeing the robots in action. But they don't appear to be able to do anything except move trays back and forth and greet customers.