Friday, December 19, 2014

Scientists Say the Key to Living 8 to 10 Years Longer Could Be Ibuprofen

The newest ant-aging wonder drug may be that anti-inflammatory workhorse you probably already take: ibuprofen.

"You can see them under the scope, " says Buck Institute lead researcher Chong Hu, showing KTVU thousands of microscopic worms exposed to ibuprofen.

Typically, the worms' life span is only three weeks and, like humans, they tend to slow down toward the end.

"When they get old, they don't move a lot," observed Dr. Hu, pointing to a motionless shape.

By comparison, younger worms thrash around and eat vigorously. And when they were treated with ibuprofen, worms remained active, and lived days longer.

In people, that might translate to living eight to ten years longer, and equally important, staving off the diseases of old age.

"Alzheimers disease, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson's disease," Dr. Hu recited, "so we don't care about how long a worm lives, we care about how can we make people live longer and live healthier."

Ibuprofen was created in England in the 1960's, first available by prescription, then after widespread use, offered worldwide over-the-countier in the 80's.

It is in a class of compounds known as NSAID's- nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs. It is used by millions to relieve pain, fever, and muscle soreness.

Pharmacists are intrigued that it may also have been extending lives.

"It may also depend on how many years someone has been taking it, " observed pharmacy-resident Afsheen Ahmad, of Ross Valley Pharmacy. "But it's very exciting."

Partnered with researchers at Texas A&M University, Buck scientists have found ibuprofen extends vitality and life-span in worms, fruit flies, and yeast.

"What it means is, instead of picking one disease and trying to cure it, we're going to target the one common thing behind all the diseases, which is aging" declared Kennedy...
Before anyone puts them self on a daily Advil or Motrin routine, think again. Ibupfrofen has side effects.
"Even if you're using this over the counter, you should not be taking it for a long period of time," warned pharmacist Ahmad, "someone who is taking it constantly, or chronic use, it can cause ulcers or gastrointestinal bleeds."
That damage to the stomach and liver, may offset an anti-aging benefit.


  1. I'd rather take fish oil, which doesn't seem to have those side effects.

    1. Yup. And fish actually VERY healthy. Keeps my joints feeling great and no stomach problems.

    2. Fermented cod liver oil is even better.

    3. Better still, eat actual fish and avoid inflammatory foods such as seed oils and artificial additives. Inflammation is at the root of countless disease processes and if you're serious about your health, you have to avoid the reductio ad absurdam to a "magic pill" (or magic supplement).

  2. Typical junk science. One study, one anecdote and presto a "news" story! MSM journalists have such easy jobs parroting back what some "expert" told them. If I don't buy into their fear narratives, how am I supposed to buy into this?

  3. worms...hmmm...real connection there!

  4. Probably due to its anti inflammatory action. My undestanding is advil will decimate your gut along with the microbiome down there. Lots of westerners are highly inflamed internally. As another reader posted, fish oil is a potent anti inflammatory. I also like curcumin with peperine as an anti inflammatory (basically the active compounds in turmeric and black pepper).

  5. Actually, you want to be careful with any anti-inflammatory, whether fish oils, aspirin, or other NSAID. Long-term use can diminish your immune system to respond to certain conditions. If you maintain a low-level of inflammatory response with long-term use of anti-inflammatories, your body gets used to this regardless of what you eat or colds you catch. Fish oils, as does any food taken over long periods, modifies gene expression. Moderation is the rule. Small amounts if used daily. Some people take aspirin for any kind of pain, usually taking 2 adult aspirin to troubleshoot. Don't do this long-term. It will accelerate aging by tiring your liver. Same with fish oils. Don't over do it. The same aging effect can result. Just go low dose and low profile with these things if you're going to incorporate them on a daily basis. If you do aspirin, take half a baby aspirin. Baby aspirins are 81mgs: take half. The aspirin manufacturers via their contracted MDs in our HMOs and PPOs have been able to insert into a wellness regimen the mantra "Take two aspiring and call me in the morning." One of the best pain relievers I've ever experienced was half a baby aspirin in combination with a teaspoon of fish oils at night. When I woke up in the morning pain was gone. Funny how two aspirins becomes the standard dose without doctors or patients questioning its efficacy for any particular situation or condition. Read Bill Sardi's article on what aspirin did for the Spanish Flu of 1918. Have heard worrisome side effects from Ibuprofen. Have not verified them myself; just what I've read here and there. Not willing to subject my organs to an experimental doses of Ibuprofen.

  6. I like to mash it up into a slurry and shoot it up. Skips the whole GI irritation thing.