Monday, December 8, 2014

Something Hardly Anyone Gets: US Interest Rates Bottomed Nearly Two Years Ago

My view is that we are in the early stages of a massive long-term climb in interest rates. It will certainly last years, perhaps decades.

And the start to that climb is occurring in the typical manner that most big moves occur: Few are aware that it has even started. But, it has. The key two-year Treasury rate bottomed in the summer of 2102 and has been  trending higher ever since.


  1. Robert you could not be more wrong on this. There is still a few years left of low and lower rates and the increase will not be slow and long. When rates rise in 3-4 years it will be a very quick move to the upside. Double-digit rates for the 10 year UST in only a couple of months.

    The ten year will move below 2% again and we may likely see negative rates for the 2 year.

    1. Please explain your reasoning for this.