Monday, December 1, 2014

The Best Things to Buy In December (Swimming pools, for one, are a great buy now)

Here's Lifehacker's list:

  • Champagne: New Year's is coming up, and that means champagne is actually going to get cheaperaccording to Sharon Castillo, director of the Office of Champagne USA. In this case, the high demand means companies are trying to undercut their competitors to sell more during this peak time.
  • Golf Clubs: As you might expect, it's not exactly the best month to go play a round of 18 holes, so golf clubs are going to be on sale right now. New England Golf Monthly points out that they'll probably be last year's models, so you won't be getting the absolute latest and greatest, but if you're hunting for a deal, now's the time.
  • Pools: You may not be looking to go for a dip in the cold winter, but it's a good time to get that pool set up for summer. A number of pool installers have blogged about the factthat winter is the best time to buy a pool, mainly because no one else is buying them, so they need to keep prices down in order to keep up work. And, since they're doing so much less work in the winter, it's often of higher quality, too.
  • Televisions & Other Electronics: You should see sales continue after Black Friday and through the holidays. Though if you can wait, February is probably a better time than now to buy that new TV.
  • Tools: Like we said last month, tools are on sale during the holiday season. If you shop around, you can probably find some good holiday sales on tools, so it's a good time to buy—particularly if you want to winterize your home before the cold really sets in. Check out our guide to stocking the perfect toolbox and our list of the DIY home repairs you can do yourself while you're at it.

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