Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Kid Who Created the Flashlight APP Has Dropped Out of NYU and is Working to Raise $5 Million Seed Money for a Startup

The Fed money is flowing.

John Meyer is the founder of Fresco News, a startup that licenses photos from amateur photographers at the center of breaking news events. An early $5 million funding round is expected to kick off in the spring.

This will be his second venture. In June 2010 when, Apple for the first time included a camera flash on an iPhione, theiPhone 4, within hours, Meyer, then 16-years old, created an app that transformed the flash into a flashlight.

Although now a flashlight is a built-in iPhone feature, Meyer’s was the first of its kind.

And for the 2 million downloads it has generated, Meyer collected more than $100,000.

NyPo has the full story here.

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