Friday, December 26, 2014

Want to Invest Like the Top 1%?

According to WSJ, here is where they put their money:

Note: The large amount in "business equity and other real estate" is likely very leveraged, which is why the crony Top 1% favor Fed money printing-RW


  1. All of the whining about "fair wages" is debunked when seeing how the higher income individuals invest their earnings.

    The rich are told to be more like the poor. I.e. Go spend more.

    The poor are told that they deserve more dollars so that they can spend more.

    Never are people told that to be better of they should do what the rich do. And this is how the progressives keep the poor enslaved. One can earn on average nearly 9% (nominally) when investing in stocks, per year, regardless of entry point. Instead the poor are given the job of being consumers. They are constantly shown how evil it is to be a successful investor.

  2. If you want to be rich, do what the rich do: get close to the money spigot, make sure your brother in law is on the regulatory board that pertains to your business, own defense stocks(nothing pays like murder) or get your PhD and become a tenured court intellectual. The free market trope about lazy stupid poor people who are victims of their own shortsightedness is empty and counterproductive in this fascist economy of ours.