Friday, January 23, 2015

Has Gold Already Hit Its Low Point for 2015?

I believe it is a very strong possibility. I am recommending aggressive purchases of gold in the EPJ Daily Alert.



  1. You don't think the dollar is going to get a lot stronger from capital flows out of China, Japan and the EU as things go from bad to worse?

  2. What a ridiculous prediction. It's 100% certain that gold will fall below 1290.7 during 2015. Gold might finish up for the year but you can be sure that 1290.7 is not the bottom for 2015.

    1. What's ridiculous is that the price is at these levels...........and not much much higher.

      China Withdraws 70 Tonnes From Shanghai Exchange For Week Ending 16th January - Third Highest Ever

      China withdraw around 70 tonnes of gold bullion from the Shanghai Gold Exchange for the week ending 16th January.

      This is the third highest amount of gold offtake from Shanghai ever.

      As a result of price rigging, gold is flowing steadily from West to East.

    2. I can't say I'm surprised to see you come out of your spider hole over the topic of gold.

    3. He's saying $1180 could be the bottom goofball.

    4. Why? Please explain your call.

  3. To the previous two comments: gold has been climbing along with USD this year, which is new. And Syriza will throw cats among the pigeons in Greece this weekend which could put a new floor under 1290.7 as gold in EUR has already gone parabolic. Strong claims require strong evidence; judge with your own assets whether the evidence is strong enough.

  4. Who is Mak Muk? The same person that made the following stupid remark on a Murray Rothbard youtube video? Presumably so.

    Mak Muk: "what a dope. let the banks go under? What about all those mortgages? Everybody would just get a free home? sit the fuck down and shut up idiot."

    Mak Muk, apparently doesn't realize that those existing assets (mortgages) would simply be sold off as a part of the bankruptcy proceedings? Weird. Who is this Mak Muk person and what is the agenda?

    100% certain?