Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here It Comes: The Davos World Economic Forum 2015

A Swiss special policeman patrols on a roof before the start of an earlier WEF annual meeting.

By Robert Wenzel

Global banksters and other crony capitalists will meet for their annual plotting sessions in Davos, Switzerland from January 21 to 24.

This years program chairs include Jim Yong Kim, President, The World Bank, Washington DC and
Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google, USA.

Secession topics include (For an economic forum an awful lot of focus on the brain):

Human vs Artificial Intelligence with University of California,Berkeley

The New Banking Context

The Future Healthcare Context

The Arab World Context

The Human Brain: Deconstructing Neuroscience

The Rise of Shadow Banking

The Geopolitics of Energy

Global Health Security

Big History, Big Future: From the Origins of Life to Megacities

Brain-Based Chips and DNA Hard Drives

The Human Brain: Deconstructing Behaviour

New Cyber World Order with Harvard University

The BRICS Agenda

The Future of Europe

The Russia Outlook

The Neuroscience of Compassion

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  1. Who pays for this boondoggle anyway?

    And if these elites are so smart, how come nothing ever gets fixed? Or maybe they like things the way they are.