Saturday, January 17, 2015

Is Paul Krugman a Source of Consumer Spending Decline?

Yes, the man who favors broken window attacks and fake wars with martians, to stimulate spending, now graces the pages of NYT, without a necktie.

How could he do such a thing? Is he now in favor of diminished consumer tie spending?

It also appears he has lost considerable weight. Has he cut back on his food spending? This might result in his being much healthier, which would result in less medical spending.

The man is a walking, self-hating, anti-consumption black hole.


  1. I just learned of the Economic Policy Journal. I am reading now this post, which is by its Editor & Publisher. The post has no substance whatsoever. Can one expect to find substance in the Journal, the title of which appears to be so scholarly?
    Lev Shakhmundes

    1. You should go read Krugman or the Cato Institute, there is no humor at those sites.