Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mad Combination: Price Controls and Crazed Money Printing

Reuters explains this pic:
 People line up to buy toilet paper and baby diapers as national guards control the access at a supermarket in downtown Caracas January 19, 2015. There's a booming new profession in Venezuela: standing in line. The job usually involves starting before dawn, enduring long hours under the Caribbean sun, dodging or bribing police, and then selling a coveted spot at the front of huge shopping lines. Picture taken January 19, 2015. 


  1. Viva Chavezistas !

    Print that money.

    See Krugman was right.
    Money printing does produce jobs.

  2. It is hereby declared that selling shopping line spots is a crime against the State.

    You libertarians just don't understand the how to govern in a flexible manner.

    What do you propose to fix this obviously unfair activity, huh?

    1. I know you're just being sarcastic but I'll play anyway....

      My solution. VERY easy:

      #1. Stop printing like an idiot.
      #2. Remove price controls.
      #3. Close down the government.


  3. ...and Reuters doesn't have a F^#$^KING CLUE as to why this is happening.