Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On Dollar Strength

This seems to have created quite a chuckle for some EPJ Daily Alert subscribers this morning, where I wrote:
Currently, it is the US dollar that looks the strongest and the prettiest, but this is the same kind of attraction a fat, ugly slut has in a bar at 3:00 AM. Avoid at all costs. 
The US dollar is a drunken stumbler. Take it home with you and you deserve what you get, including vomit all over the place. Anything could trigger panic out of it. And I don't rule out a "speculator attack" on China's yuan-dollar peg.


  1. As Europe, Japan, South America, Russia, and Ukraine have monetary problems, the dollar could rise as the "safe-haven" currency. Also, what's credit doing? Credit makes up the bulk of the money supply.

    1. Credit as in savings, loans made to banks. Loans made by banks are not included in M1 or M2.