Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This Furniture Store Will Give You Your Money Back If Oil Reaches $85 A Barrel in 2015

Jim McIngvale, who owns Gallery Furniture and is known locally as Mattress Mack, is telling customers agreeing to buy $7,000 in furniture that he will give them their money back if oil is $85 a barrel or higher at the end of this year.

It would be pretty cheap for Mattress Mack to hedge this trade and protect his sale.


  1. Yes, a pretty safe bet and slick sales gimmick

    Only one thing dropping faster than crude http://bitcointicker.co/

  2. Mattress Mack seems to have the offer backwards. His (Houston) customers can afford to pay for the furniture if it goes over $85. Many will lose their jobs if it stays under $50. That should have been his offer.

    1. From his perspective, this is a great win/win for him. If the price stays below $85 (it won't), he sells a ton of furniture. If it goes up over $85, he makes money on his investments that he has likely made to hedge his bets.

      Smart move by Mattress Mack, if you ask me.