Thursday, January 29, 2015

This Industry Is Still Completely Ridiculous (Results of Fed money printing madness Edition)

 By Jon Evans

Things are getting pretty strange out there. Roughly a year ago I wrote a post entitled “This Industry Is Completely Ridiculous.” Since then, as you probably already know, our world has gotten even more surreal. If anything the ridiculousness is accelerating. It’s like the tech industry is subject to a Moore’s Law of weird.
Consider: within the last month, Burning Man announced it was accepting Bitcoin donations, while Xapo declared it was (in some unspecified way) securing its Bitcoin wallets on satellites. Add those together, and what do you get? That’s right: we now live in a world where you can donate virtual cryptocurrency to an ephemeral city, from space.
Back in foggy San Francisco, where security guards protect custom GIF projectors outside the BART tunnels that house the homeless, because that’s how America works, I humbly coined a new law:

…and it was a busy year for it.

...But that list was way premature. Did you know there’s an app out there that lets you simulate giving Anna from Frozen a C-section? I am not making this up. Did you know there’s an app with an ‘Incest Prevention Alarm,’ to help keep you from sleeping with a cousin? Again, not making this up. Did you know there are two emoji-only social networks? No wonder SF has a new game show: “App Or Crap?

The Bay Area’s tech boom is now reverberating through the rest of the world, too. People out there are literally raising millions of dollars for “startups about nothing.”

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