Friday, January 23, 2015

'We are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system'

Yanis Varoufakis  could become Greece's  new finance minister if  Syriza wins control of the government after Sunday's election. Syriza is a leftist party, but this interview is fascinating  and Varoufakis makes a number of sound points, including his objection to: some taxes, rent seeking oligarchs, the banksters and the elitist media.

It is hard to see how Greece could be any worse off with Syriza in control than it us under the current ruling elite and it might even accomplish some good if Varoufakis is able to follow through on his calls for the elimination of many establishment barriers to free market activity.


  1. Nothing good will come from these leftists in power. The Greek future has mass-inflation written all over it...

    1. Of course not. The Idiot Shit Turd Left have inferior minds which is why their system is completely inferior. That's not to say that the EU (it's also Leftist in many ways) is some panacea but the hard Left sure is hell will screw things up just as bad or worse. Neither of these statist idiots get it.

  2. Maybe he could get a refund on the Leopard 2 tanks Greece had to buy which aren't much use for defending Greece (ammo came separately)

  3. Dead man talking...

  4. Remember when drachma was a blocked currency and any drachmas earned had to be spent in greece?.....