Tuesday, January 6, 2015

WOW London's Population Set to Surpass Pre-Second World War Levels

The population of London is on the verge of reaching an all-time high, finally exceeding the pre-Second World War peak of just over 8.615m.

The Greater London Authority estimates that the city will soon welcome its 8,615,246th inhabitant, the highest population since the eve of the war in 1939.

The news represents an extraordinary turnaround for London, which lost more than 2million people in the world war and once had a population of just 6.6 million.

Where Londoners come from, then and now.


  1. That block of yellow will continue to grow at an accelerating rate. Any bets on when it surpasses the red block?

  2. More important is how many of the "block of yellow" will be tax consumers ???

  3. LOL, Elsewhere is going to turn out well--just another means to hide inflation, which some fake "libertarians" actually support.