Sunday, February 22, 2015

AWESOME A Deregulating Socialist French Economist is in Charge

Emmanuel Macron and French President Fran├žois Hollande

French economics minister Emmanuel Macron is my kind of socialist, in that his focus appears to be on deregulation rather than actually increasing central planning.

Macron recently faced a political setback on his deregulation efforts, when he failed to win enough parliamentary support to pass a bill that carries his name — La loi Macron.

But the bill sure was attempting to move things in the right direction. It contained changes that would loosen Sunday bans on retail store operations; called for the selling off of between €5 billion and €10 billion of French government assets; liberalizing the country’s inter-city coach industry to boost competition with trains; and deregulating certain professions, such as notaries.

Naturally, true lefties are not taking this well. Economist magazine reports,"Left-wing deputies consider the bill a betrayal of the concept of social progress."



  1. A socialist that is in favor of deregulation? Sounds like someone who is very confused, does he have a split personality?

    1. Imagine a government who's only intervention would be to collect a progressive income tax (potentially a very high one) from people earning above average and giving it in the form of cash to people earning less---i.e., literally smoothen the income curve. Is this government more socialistic or less than a government with 90,000 pages of regulations? And which one would you prefer? :-)