Tuesday, February 10, 2015

AWESOME: Uber Type Helicopters in NYC

I love free market innovation.

From Gizmodo:
Gotham Air officially launches today in New York City, with the website and mobile site open for bookings starting this afternoon. The app, an exact mirror of the mobile site, launches on Android and iOS in the coming days, though the first 2,500 people who signed up for the beta release should see an invite to download sometime today. As for the service itself, the main draw is price: a typical flight is $219 per person (far less than the cost of chartering an entire helicopter yourself, which can easily hit upwards of $1,000), with some $99 introductory fares available on certain days and times.

The video is part of a Gotham Air helicopter ride from downtown Manhattan to JFK airport and back,the full ride each way takes only six minutes.

(via Mark Perry)

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