Friday, February 20, 2015

BREAKING:Greece-Eurozone Reach ‘Broad Consensus’ on Four-Month Extension

As expected here at EPJ,  reports indicate that Eurozone banksters have reached an interim deal that will give the Greek government and eurozone finance ministers an additional four months to hammer out a sellout of the Greek people deal.

From an additional report: EU diplomat says that deal includes most of what Germany wanted.

So much for the theory of Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman, who received his prize for his work in geography/international trade. Just hours ago he wrote about the negotiations:
This looks to me like an attempt to force Greece out of the euro, right now. German policy is objectively pro-Grexit.



German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble confirms that a deal for a 4 month extension of the current Greece bailout has been reached.


  1. Nobody knows what to do. the Greeks can't leave cos their new drachma would be worth nothing, if the Germans and the other 'fiscally prudent' (ha) give in will have all the other euro deadbeats asking for the same deal terms.

  2. Socialists don't get it: Crony bankster "capitalism" IS applied Socialist monetary policy. Of course they can't not accept a deal.

    And no the Federal Reserve isn't privately owned, not that it would matter since the effects of fractional reserve banking or non-commodity money based banking would be the same.

  3. This happens all the time with the United States debt ceiling.

  4. Let's reserve judgment until Monday, shall we? It's possible there may have been another "administrative mistake."