Monday, February 2, 2015

Cookie Price Inflation Hits the Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts' annual cookie-selling season has begun, and in some parts of the country prices are rising to $5 a box. Other regions will see cookie prices increase to $4 a box, reports WSJ.

In California, the Girl Scouts of Orange County are raising prices to $5 a box after keeping them at $4 a box for about a decade. The council says on its website that the costs of cookies from its baker have risen 14 percent since 2004, and its operating costs have spiked 27 percent.


  1. Good. As a previous supporter of Girl Scouts and buyer of the cookies, their stand pro-GMO while catering to the "gluten sensitivity" craze has made me an unbeliever with a closed wallet.

  2. These scouts deserve a "living wage". I propose an increase to $6.00 a box by 2016, $10 a box by 2017 and $20 a box by 2020. I call it the 20/20 plan.

  3. My sister's seven year old reports that the boxes are smaller this year too. Personally I don't support the Girl Scouts because they support the troops.