Monday, February 16, 2015

Dubai's 'Aladdin City' is Coming Next Year

Big time construction money is flowing in Dubai.

A 4,000-acre complex of towers inspired by characters from Arabian Nights, including Aladdin and Sinbad the Sailor is about to be constructed in Dubai.

.“Aladdin City” will feature six towers, some designed to resemble Aladdin’s magic lamp, linked by air-conditioned bridges with moving walkways

The towers will reach heights of 34, 26 and 25 storeys, and will include offices and at least one hotel.

Construction will begin next year.

This is not the only major unusual project going up in Dubai. The Dubai Eye, which has been billed as the world’s largest ferris wheel, is due to open this year.


  1. I went to Dubai in 2007 while I was still in the Navy. The amount of cranes constructing large buildings throughout the country was simply incredible. While we made our way from Jebel Ali to Dubai, we could see the cranes on the horizon while we passed by buildings that appeared to have been partially blown up. At 125 degrees, that place was simply miserable, I can see why they need to do so much to keep people coming there.

  2. Am I the only thinking: how is this going to be profitable?

    1. By renting it out, as always in there.

  3. Does this count as "the skyscraper index?"