Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Prepare for the Next Financial Crisis

Murray Sabrin emails:

Your readers in the NY-NJ metro area may be interested my latest "project."

Attached please find the announcement for my presentation, "How to Prepare for the Next Financial Crisis."  This is the first presentation of a statewide tour to pay off the modest campaign debt from the US Senate primary last year.  Open to the media as observers.  Content is embargoed until the end of the tour.   
Despite the happy talk from President Obama, a surging stock market that has more than tripled since its March 2009 bottom, and skyrocketing real estate prices in many major metropolitan areas, another financial crisis is on the horizon.
Are you prepared?
In a 60-minute presentation, finance professor Dr. Murray Sabrin brings his four decades of expertise in economic research and financial analysis to explain how the next financial crisis is unfolding before our eyes and what you should do immediately to prepare to weather the next financial storm.
Dr. Sabrin will offer practical advice no matter how large or small your portfolio is so you will be able to avoid another meltdown in your family's finances.Join us for an evening of common sense suggestions you need to take now because as one sage said, “it is better to be a year early than a day late.”
"How to Prepare for the Next Financial Crisis"
a presentation by Dr. Murray Sabrin followed by a Q&A
The Cranbury Inn, 7pm, March 5, 2015
$20 per ticket at the door*
Hillary Clinton gets $200,000 per speech.  The price per ticket to hear Dr. Sabrin speak is therefore…priceless.

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