Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Indications That Alibaba Plans to Make a Bid for Major US Corporation(s)

The Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, which went public in September 2014 and now has a market capitalization of  $219 billion, recently bought a track of land in San Mateo, California.

This is a piece of land that is in addition to a Silicon Valley property Alibaba owns for current operations. People in the know are wondering what Alibaba CEO Jack Ma has in mind for the San Mateo property.

Most thinking seems to be surround the idea that Ma wants Alibaba to diversify away from China and that he is going to make some multi- billion dollar US acquisitions and headquarter them in San Mateo.

Hmmm, what major US-based fast growing company will have new offices soon?


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