Saturday, February 14, 2015

It Continues to Look to Me Like the New Greek Government is Going to Sell Out to the Banksters: Clues from Jack Lew

 Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

 The US Treasury has released a readout from a Treasury spokesperson of Treasury Secretary Lew's call on Friday with newly elected Greek Prime Minister Alxis Tsipras:
Today, Secretary Jacob J. Lew spoke by phone with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to discuss the latest developments in Greece.  Secretary Lew said that he looks forward to working with the new Greek government as it proceeds to articulate a concrete and comprehensive reform agenda in partnership with Europe and international institutions.
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew
Secretary Lew urged all parties to set aside rhetoric and focus on reaching a pragmatic path forward.  Secretary Lew welcomed the fact that Greece and its partners are engaged in technical discussions and noted that Monday’s Eurogroup meeting marks a significant opportunity to achieve concrete progress.

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  1. Honestly, Bob, I just do not see it, that Greece is sending clues that it is about to fold. Please point to some from the mouth of the PM or FM. That they are willing and eager to talk does not mean that they are willing and eager to fold.

    Why would you believe Lew's hopes and characterizations of the talks? His job is to use public and media pressure on Greece. His comments are as credible as Obama's and Kerry's on the Ukraine.

    I think Greece will not fold. They may accept a bridge loan, but I seriously doubt that the terms will include resurrection of the austerity program.