Saturday, February 14, 2015

Obama’s Old Internet Passwords

"Let's see, I know it started with the number 1."
As the government attempts to move us away from computer passwords to who knows what, Obama revealed that, in the past, he apparently didn't think a lot about security.

In remarks at a cybersecurity summit at Stanford University on Friday, Obama admitted he's used some passwords that are pretty easy for cyber criminals to guess, reports HuffPo.

“It's just too easy for hackers to figure out usernames and passwords like ‘password’ or ‘123457,’ ” he said to laughs in the crowded auditorium.

“Those are some of my previous passwords. I’ve changed them since then.”

The White House has made it a priority to “kill the password,” And Obama praised new technologies that companies are exploring to move away from traditional usernames and passwords.

According to HuffPo, the administration has eyed mobile devices, digital rings and other tools to replace the password. Those types of technologies could hit the market later this year.



  1. I heard that Obama's fete was not well-attended, as MZ and MM , at least, were not in attendance.

    The US is carrying the UK's freight on this, as forcing US citizens to, essentially surrender their encryption keys to the government contradicts the 8th Ammendment. The issue is the level of encryption AND the KEY pertaining to a US citizen's data. In Britiain, you can go to jail if refuse to submit your encrytion key. IThis is absurd to Americans. The best solution (since the powers that be insist on prosecuting perpetual war) is to hire more gum-shoes doing due diligence on the ground (minus entrapment!)

  2. In other words, Obama is getting pushback from tech regarding back doors. We've already seen enough abuse of it from the IRS scandal.

  3. This definitely feels like it's going to be part of a push to micro-chip human beings. It will be "for our own good". (meaning they'll use it to completely control us via taxation, internet access, cashless society, transportation, etc). Another step in the march to dystopia.