Monday, February 23, 2015

Thank You Janet Yellen: Boston Red Sox Give 19-Year Old Amateur a $30 Million Signing Bonus

 Yoan Moncada
I am a member of Red Sox Nation*, so if Fed money printing has to go on, this is as good a place as any for it to end up, but wow.

This is actually going to cost the Red Sox $60 million, read on. reports that the Red Sox signed 19-year-old Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada to an estimated $30 million bonus that sets a record for an amateur international player.

Major League Baseball’s highest previous bonus handed to an amateur player from outside the U.S. was $8.27 million, which the Arizona Diamondbacks gave to 21-year-old Cuban pitcher Yoan Lopez last month, said.

Because the Red Sox have already exceeded their bonus pool for international signings, they’ll be taxed 100 percent on Moncada’s bonus, taking the cost of the deal to approximately $60 million.

As a side note, Moncada was not represented by a sports agent. Instead he's chose a CPA from St. Petersburg who has never negotiated a baseball contract before.


* Note, I do not consider anyone a legitimate member of Red Sox Nation unless they can name the starting line up for the 1967 Red Sox (Before and after Tony Conigliaro was beaned).


  1. Go Twins! We'll see you in the ALCS!

  2. What a moronic owner. Forking out $60 million to an untried rookie. Does he have a close friend at the Fed printing new money directly into his bank account? Stupid. Just stupid.

    1. "Does he have a close friend at the Fed printing new money directly into his bank account?"

      The owner of the Boston Globe is able to afford these salaries because he has been given city streets to use as his personal property on game days for pennies on the dollar.

      Almost as good as having a pipeline from the Fed.

      Rock on Crony Capitalist Nation !

  3. Yet taxpayers are on the hook for building sports stadiums. Something is definitely amiss here.

  4. I'll go back further than you (and I'm not even a Red Sox fan). How many of Ted Williams "caddies" can you name? I can name three. Charlie Maxwell, Gene Stephens (not Vern Stephens) and Faye Throneberry (not Marv Throneberry)