Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Truth From Paul Krugman about Republican 'Fiscal Hawks'

I look really hard to find truth from Paul Krugman, and once and awhile I find it:
Gail Collins has a characteristically hilarious piece about Chris Christie, who went around bellowing about his fiscal responsibleness, then, as soon as the question arose about how to pay for something he agreed to, welshed on the deal.
But in any case, there’s a larger point: the Christie affair is yet another demonstration that there are no true fiscal hawks on the right, only deficit peacocks who strut around and preen themselves on their supposed fiscal virtue, but never show themselves willing to make any sacrifices for the cause...
The fading of Chris Christie will lower the decibel level, but nothing else will change.

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  1. Krugman has Gov. Christie pegged correctly! He's all vulgar talk and very little action. He failed to address the main reason NJ fiscally heading towards bankruptcy. Public employees need to be put on defined contribution retirement plans. He could have gotten it done if he made his case to NJ citizens. He choose not to do so. Another area in which Gov. Blowhard capitulated was in NJ Supreme Court appointees. He could have stopped the most activist State Supreme Court from ripping off the schools in suburban towns and rewarding failed inner city schools as mandated by the court in their Abbott Decision. Christie also could have stopped NJ Supreme Court interference in local zoning laws pertaining to courts COAH edict for affordable housing. Steve Lonegan would have done a much better job!