Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Variable Sun and Its Effects on Earth

Over the weekend I posted a Richard Lindzen youtube lecture, where he discussed his view on global warming (SEE:  Richard Lindzen: Deconstructing Global Warming Hysteria). He made the very relevant point that while global warming may be going on, the degree of the warming does not appear to be significant. and not something to get all excited about.

A commneter to the post. Alex Zougle, left a link to a lecture where Ben Davidson suggests that man made global warming may be counteractacting current low sunspot activity. The sunspot activity may be causing a trend toward a colder Earth, with man made global warming counteracting some of that cooling. Davidson also points out that climate is always changing around the planets and that significant changes are currently occurring on Mars and Saturn, which can't possibly be blamed on man made carbon emissions.

Here's the full lecture:

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  1. Have you looked at https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/ ?
    What he has found is that those in charge of the temperature record have been adjusting the past colder and the present warmer. (It is a rather remarkable charge so I took a few minutes with NASA graphs and data and I verified that over time they are changing the record over time) They are also using a lot of estimated data, estimated warm of course. He also found that the adjustments have a near perfect fit with CO2 concentration. In other words the data is being altered to fit the theory.

    Everyone works with these altered data sets trying to figure out what's going on. The problem is without the alternations, nothing is going on but good old fashioned weather.