Friday, February 13, 2015

This is What Happens If You Figure Out How to Direct the Fed Money Spigot in Your Direction

You go positively mad.

A tear down.

Zillow headline:
Hedge-Fund Founder Plans Tear-Down of Dr. Dre's $32M Mansion
And the details:
 Dr. Dre’s gated home above the Sunset Strip sold last month for $32 million. The Los Angeles Times reports that the new owner, private equity firm Skyview Capital founder Alex Soltani, is expected to raze it and build a $100-million “trophy home.”


  1. It wasn't even a good enough to be a "fixer upper" for him?

    lol...the absurdity of the situation makes it almost unbelievable.

  2. Does seem a bit rich for a company only having 14 companies in its "current and realized" portfolio. Providing $132M disposable income for the Skyview CEO on a trophy home means even more was extracted from its 14 portfolio companies altogether grossing only $500M per year. If earned, fine, but that's a lot of new revenue and/or productivity gains Skyview would have to have created.