Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ukraine Gets $17.5 Billion From IMF

File Under: How to continue to pay off the Kiev government and keep it from a peaceful resolution with Eastern separatists .

The IMF has put in place for the government of Ukraine a four-year extended fund facility worth about $17.5 billion. The facility was approved within hours of the announcement of a cease-fire in the battle between the Kiev government and separatists.
The IMF announced:
The policies under the new arrangement, developed by the Ukrainian authorities jointly with Fund staff, are designed to address the many challenges confronting the Ukrainian economy. Economic activity contracted by around 7-7½ percent in GDP in 2014, weighed down by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, which has taken a significant toll on the industrial base and exports, undermined confidence and ignited pressures on the financial system. The economic reform program focuses on immediate macroeconomic stabilization as well as broad and deep structural reforms to provide the basis for strong and sustainable economic growth over the medium term.
Note to Ukraine and the IMF: An end to hostilities would be a good start in turning around the Ukrainian economy. 

Why is is that the IMF wants to put all kinds of operating restrictions on Greece, but does not say a word to Ukraine about its money draining war with separatists?

I smell the Empire lurking in the background.



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  2. This is enough to support the current corruption for about a month, tops, unless Kiev also gets a full panoply of "defensive weapons" and ideally some well trained "advisors" to set the sights and pull the triggers for them. Even then, if I were Poroshenko, I wouldn't be buying any summer houses in Mariupol.

  3. So the IMF is now enabling genocides 'cause that is exactly what Porky will use the money to do.