Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekend Data: How Often People in Various Countries Shower

Lots of surprising data here.

Average Showers and Shampoos by Country

Percent Who Shower Once per Day


(via The Atlantic)


  1. Japan data is skewed. It is unheard of for Japanese to not bathe daily, with about half of adults bathing twice a day. I think the word "shower" might have harmed the results in the Japanese case.

  2. I thought the exact same thing. Japan jumps out as just unbelievable and undermines the credibility of the whole chart

  3. I agree that you can't use this chart to determine how clean a country's people are, but it's still interesting to see the outliers.

    Brazilians have definitely told me about at least 2 showers per day being normal (especially now during their summer, which seems brutal). I have also met people in Colombia who still use rain water for their shower (and not owning a bathtub). I don't know how they do it; the water is freezing and it often comes out as a single stream, almost cutting into you like a laser.