Monday, February 9, 2015

What Jobs Are People Searching for the Most on the Internet?

Job seekers are increasingly searching for positions at restaurants, child-care centers and behind the wheel, according to new data from job-search site

There are obviously many jobs where hiring is going on at higher skill levels. The jobs listed here are mostly for low skill workers.

“Hostess” was the fastest-growing search term on the site, increasing 51% last month from December. Other popular searches at the start of the year included “travel agent,” “landscape” and “bakery.”

Note well: Many of the jobs searched for are probably at minimum wage levels, which means as the minimum wage increases it will be more difficult for people to find these kinds of jobs.  -RW

Search Growth in January 
from December
  1. “Hostess” +51%
  2. “Travel agent” +49%
  3. “Landscape” +46%
  4. “Tutor” +45%
  5. “Bakery” +45%
  6. “Day care” +43%
  7. “Event planner” +43%
  8. “Animal care” +42%
  9. “Front desk receptionist” +42%
  10. “Event planning” +42%
Search Growth in January
From Year Earlier

  1. “CDL truck driver” +83%
  2. “Healthcare administration” +55%
  3. “Class b driver” +40%
  4. “Healthcare management” +39%
  5. “Software engineer” +36%
  6. “Web developer” +36%
  7. “Data analyst” +36%
  8. “Day care” +34%
  9. “Sales manager” +34%
  10. “Animal care”+32%

(via WSJ)

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