Wednesday, March 18, 2015

OFF THE WALL: Fed is Projecting That Price Inflation Won't Be Any Higher Than 2% by the Year 2017

Well, you can blow this chart up and hang it on Paul Krugman's bedroom wall.

Following today's FOMC meeting, the Federal Reserve Board released various economic projections of Fed members and Fed Bank presidents. The range of projections for price inflation in the year 2017 is between 1.7% and 2.2%.

These guys really have no clue and are simply trend followers. Because price inflation has been low recently, they are projecting that trend out.

In the EPJ Daily Alert,  I am warning that price inflation is likely to be over 2.0% by the end of this year. By 2017, price inflation will likely be between 5.0% and 15.0%---dependent upon on how much of a G. William Miller that Janet Yellen and Stanley Fischer pull.

Federal Reserve Price Inflation Projections


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  1. The Clintons and the Fed Are Gasping Over the April Issue of Harper’s

    Hillary Clinton just can’t catch a break. As her self-inflicted imbroglio over erasing 30,000 emails involving her time as Secretary of State continues to command press attention, the April issue of Harper’s Magazine is focusing gasp-worthy attention on the “loan-sharking” business that Bill Clinton, as President, assisted in transforming into the too-big-to-fail Citigroup that played a leading role in bringing the country to the brink of financial collapse in 2008.

    Janet Yellen’s Fed can’t be too happy either about the revelations. The Fed just gave Citigroup a clean bill of health last week under its so-called rigorous stress tests and is allowing the bank to spend like a drunken sailor, raising its dividend 400 percent with permission to buy back as much as $7.8 billion of its own stock. The Fed’s qualitative portion of the stress test is said to look at both risk controls and the internal culture of the bank. Citigroup remains under multiple criminal investigations for money laundering and involvement in rigging currency markets. Apparently, in the Fed’s eyes, this is now de rigueur on Wall Street.

    Harper’s six-page article jolts the reader with nugget after nugget unearthed from Citigroup’s unseemly history – facts that both the Clintons and the Fed would no doubt prefer to stay buried. This epistle to greed and excess and regulatory hubris is written by Andrew Cockburn, Harper’s Washington Editor and a man well credentialed to do it justice. Cockburn and his wife, Leslie Cockburn, co-produced the documentary, American Casino, which provided an in-depth look at the players behind the 2008 financial collapse. Cockburn’s father, Claud Cockburn, was on the scene in 1929, covering the epic crash for the London Times. (His memoir of Black Thursday on Wall Street in 1929 can be read here.)

    The Harper’s article is subtitled “The catastrophic incompetence of Citigroup,” obviously a tongue-in-cheek assessment since Cockburn meticulously documents the serial charges of crimes at Citigroup as a business model.