Sunday, March 29, 2015

The AirWheel X8: An EPJ Scoop

Kevin Killinger emails:

Hi Robert,

Scoop everyone on this, because almost nobody in North America has ever heard of this.

It is a good example of the division of labor.  An American invented it.  The Chinese produce it.  Japan makes the battery for it.

It is called a Self-Balancing Unicycle.  The brand I ride is AirWheel, but there are many other brands now competing.

It is unheard-of in North America.  Though it is cool.  I don’t see why it will not catch on - I think it will.  Go on YouTube and search for AirWheel, or RockWheel, or SoloWheel, or FireWheel.  You may be able to introduce this thing, a testament to the division of labor if there ever was one.  Innovation, too.

I’m telling you, very few in North America have ever heard of this thing.  And it is cool.