Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Continuing Trend to Eat Away From Home (in One Chart)

Eating at home is so 1801.


  1. It makes sense to me since I eat home cooked meals infrequently. I would attribute it to declining successful marriages (myself included) and women further distancing themselves from the house wife role.

    1. well why not go out when there is a whole staff of people ready to put together meals at reasonable prices, that taste magnificent compared to the slop that the missus would knock together after a long day in the trenches, might actually save some marriages. Thanks FED and the federal government.

  2. The 2 paycheck families with kids gone, my guess, plays a big role. Plus, in my experience, it seems like women are not learning how to cook.

  3. This is simple economics. The market provides an astounding array of food services compared to 100 years ago. I walk around in a whole foods (or here, Wegmans) and stare in disbelief at what's available compared to stores from just 20-30 years ago. And, when you consider the time it takes you to cook and clean, the value is very good. Human wealth will continue to rise as it always has and I wouldn't be surprised if you need to add another category to this in the future: eat at home, cooked by hired help.