Saturday, March 14, 2015

Typical Socialist Official: Living High While Squeezing the Masses

Greece finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, had time for a photoshoot. for the Paris Match no less, while his country's economy collapses.

 One twitter observer calls it "white wine socialism under the Acropolis. "


  1. He looks a little like "Red Skull" in that piano picture.

    The history of the words similar to "white wine socialism" is interesting too:

  2. That is what Socialism is all about and why it continues to plod along despite its disastrous effects on the majority (especially those in the middle): it lets the people at the top live like kings while everyone else goes down the tubes

  3. And in democracy, "everyone" has the opportunity to be at the top. "You can be president"!
    Greece is an excellent example of Hans Hoppe's "democracy, the god that failed".
    America, so goes you.

  4. How exactly is this living "high". A light meal and and a bottle of wine? Playing a piano in a small flat and cuddling his wife on a small balcony?

    Get a grip. Where is the photo of him on an economy flight?

    Did you expect to see him in a sackcloth?

    He might even have savings having worked as a professional in his previous life. Varoufakis is a keen supporter of Professor Steve Keen..suggest you check him out.:

    1. "Light meal?" If only the peons could eat so well.