Friday, April 24, 2015

AeroMobil — The Incredible Flying Car

Free Market innovation is awesome. Straight out of Slovakia (By a designer who originally dreamt of a flying car as a way to escape Soviet oppression.)

The AeroMobil is the world’s first fully transformable flying car. It drives along the road like a space-age roadster. It flies through the skies like a private jet. And if everything goes to plan, it could be in customers’ garages within two years, reports FT.

It is no longer or wider than a standard five-door Bentley. The two-seater has two wings that fold back behind its main cockpit, and a back-mounted propeller that tucks in between the retracted wings when driving on the road.


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  1. The Aeromobil is asking Slovak government for 6 millions euros subvention. Only 2 millions will come from private investors.

    Still want one?