Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As Baltimore Burns, the Unemployment Rate Among Black Youth in the City is...

The first minute of the below video, created by someone who is not unsympathetic to government intervention, lays out the facts of unemployment among black youth in Baltimore.

What did the recent governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley, do to relieve the situation? In 2014, he signed into law, legislation that will raise the minimum wage over time from the the level of $7.25, at the time of signing, to $10.10 an hour.

Yup, poorly trained black youth, who aren't productive enough to find jobs at $7.25, will eventually not be allowed to work unless they can find jobs paying them $10.10 per hour.


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  1. Bob,
    Fred Reed wrote a column, last year I think, that addressed the situtation of inner city black males. He said it was pretty much hopeless. Im afraid he's right. The liberals who set this up are still in charge. And will continue to be in charge. Their solutions will be more of the same.

  2. How to destroy a generation?

    1. Pay people not to work.
    2. Teach them nothing except propaganda in government schools.
    3. Make hiring the unskilled below some arbitrary wage illegal.
    4. Reward fathers for abandoning their families.
    5. Turn inner cities into war zones with the drug war.
    6. Militarize the police and immunize them from prosecution when they abuse their power over others.

    End the war on drugs. End the war on illiteracy. End the war on poverty. They have all been unmitigated disasters.

    Government at all levels has failed spectacularly. Everything they touch turns to crap. Ferguson and Baltimore won't be the exceptions to decades of government incompetence.