Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bye, Bye Bitcoin Bowl

The annual college football bowl game held in St Pewtersburg, Florida at Tropicana Field needs a new name.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that after just one season, it will no longer be called the Bitcoin Bowl.

"The decision was reached by ESPN and Bitpay mutually," said a spokeswoman for Bitpay, a global bitcoin payment service provider that paid to have Bitcoin as the bowl game's sponsor.

When pressed further about the breakup — for instance, why it happened — the Bitpay rep, who refused to give her name, said: "I won't comment on that."

Bitpay had signed a three-year deal to have Bitcoin as the game's title sponsor.

Notes TBT:
[B]itcoin usage has been stagnant lately, with its worth plummeting.



  1. Must you continue to rub salt in our wounds?

    1. I dont think Wenzel is gloating but merely continuing to show evidence that Bitcoin is not the libertarian currency that many in the movement think will beat the state. I really would love to see some of the big Bitcoin supporters such as Jeff Berwick for example debate Wenzel or any others in the movement who share his view on the subject.

    2. A debate between Wenzel and Berwick would be one for the ages. Perhaps Berwick would consider being a guest on the RW show? I'd listen!!

    3. If some of the things were said to me that were said to Wenzel over his simple expression of his doubts surrounding Bitcoin(personal attacks mind you, not actual arguments-and there were both), I would probably dance on the proverbial grave of its supporters as it tanked.

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