Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Greece Submits New List of "Reforms" to Eurozone

The sell out of the Greek people, by the new Greek government, marches on.

 Greece today submitted a fresh list of economic "reforms" to eurozone banksters.

The 26-page document has been  obtained by the Financial Times,

“The larger purpose of this document is, in the first instance, to unlock short-term financing that will permit the Greek government to meet its immediate obligations,” the document states in a short introduction. “The Hellenic Republic considers itself to be a proud and indefeasible member of the  -European Union and an irrevocable member of the eurozone.”

Specifically, the document  relies on plans to crack down on tax evasion and fraud to raise most of the revenues. These include €875m from audits of offshore bank transfers and €600m from a new lottery scheme aimed at compelling consumers to demand value added tax receipts (That is, it incentivises consumers to become tax operatives for the banksters, against those who sell to them goods). Pure destructive and evil.


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