Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Greek Finance Minister Attacked By Anarchists in Athens

During dinner last night, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and his wife were attacked by left-wing anarchists. The couple was dining at a restaurant in the Greek capital.

A statement released by the finance ministry, said that a group of left-wing activists threw “glass objects” at the couple’s table, and Danae Stratou, the minister’s wife, hugged Varoufakis to protect him from the attackers.

No injuries were reported, and the activists, who had their faces covered, reportedly told the group to leave “their area”.

According to Newsweek, The incident took place in the Exarchia district, a bohemian part of Athens which has been the site of numerous political riots, with protesters reportedly hurling petrol bombs at police cars as recently as 7th April.

Varoufakis has now issued the following statement:
Contrary to the conjecture that has been heard, it was not an organised attack or attempt at seriously injuring us, provocation or part of the much wider effort to politically “deconstruct” me in recent days.
I have the impression that their goal was not to hurt us, because if they had wanted to hurt us, they had the opportunity and ‘arithmetic’ supremacy to do so. I think their aim was to force me to flee with a few light humiliating swipes. This, however, will never be known because Danae [Varoufakis' wife], before the anti-establishment protestors [and before I could stop her], could get to us, stood up and hugged me hard, turning her back towards them so that they would have to hit her before me.”



  1. It is appalling to know that the anarchists were daring enough to pull such a stunt in public despite being in view of so many other patrons in the restaurant. It is so lucky for the finance minister that his wife was quick to react and protected him from even harsher harm by hugging him immediately.