Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Greek Prime Minister Expects May Deal wIth Banksters

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said he expects to reach an interim deal with international creditors by May 9. He also said that if an additional bailout agreement is not met he will hold a referendum.

Although there were “great possibilities for winning this negotiation”, Tsipras said, that he would go directly to the Greek people if the terms were unacceptable to Athens. “If the solution offered goes beyond our mandate, it will have to be endorsed by the people,” he said in a late night interview with Star Television.

Expressing his confidence a deal would be reached, Tsipras said: “We should not give in to panic moves. Whoever gets scared in this game loses.”

FT doesn't buy that a deal will be reached:
Greek officials have been predicting an imminent deal for weeks and many EU negotiators are sceptical an agreement can be reached before the next scheduled meeting of eurozone finance ministers in two weeks.
A referendum could lead to weeks of continued uncertainty about Greece’s solvency.
But in a sign the radical lefty government will cave to banksters,the finance ministry says it  will present a package of structural reforms to parliament this week that would accelerate a deal with creditors.

The plan would include boosting the independence of the revenue collection authority, which banksters want so that the Greek people can be squeezed of more of their money, in a country where tax evasion is a daily routine for many.


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  1. Greece if far from the only country where tax evasion is a national sport. Think about how many times a day you have to consider taxation as a factor in your plans.