Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to Get Your Very Own Federal Reserve Monetary Policy T-Shirt for Free

As a follow-up to my post, San Francisco Fed Prez Selling Monetary Policy T-Shirts, EPJ reader Dan contacted the San Francisco Federal Reserve about getting a T-shirt. He writes:

Just wanted to provide you with the info for getting one of those t-shirts from the S F FED.  If you are able to go there, you might want to pick a bunch up for the next Mises or Austrian Conference as door prizes.  These might be valuable in the future when it all blows up and they have memorialized their part in a t-shirt with a graph of their destruction.
just a thought. 

 Below is the initial response from the SF Fed:

Good morning:

I’ve spoken with President Williams and he will be happy to send you a t-shirt.  Please let us know what size and the mailing address and we’ll send it out shortly.

Thank you for your interest.


Candice M. Mann
Assistant to the President and CEO
101 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Office:  (415) 974-3280  FAX (415) 974-2113

Dan the followed up with me:
Got my shirt today and a personal note from John Williams stating that no taxpayer money was used in the production or mailing of the shirt.  I guess he just printed the money in his office to do these things.  lol.

The note is signed by San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams and reads:


Enjoy! By the way no taxpayer money went into printing or mailing these shirts.




  1. I find the claim that no taxpayer money went into making the shirt a dubious one. In the least, taxpayer money was used in mailing it, in that the US Postal service operates at a loss.

    Unless of course they sent it FEDEX or UPS.

  2. " taxpayer money went into printing or mailing these shirts." True or not, I'm willing to bet my money was slightly devalued to pay for them.