Friday, April 17, 2015

If You Want to Get a Great Job, Read Harry Browne and Network, Network, Network

Yesterday, I exchanged emails with the EPJ reader that caused me to write the post, How to Get a Wall Street Job in One Hour.

The post was about how he was able to get a job in one hour on Wall Street, after much frustration, by following the sales techniques outlined by Harry Browne that are referenced in the post.

Since that post, as I just learned, he has switched jobs and is now with one of the most prestigious firms on Wall Street, with a job that most who want a career on Wall Street would kill for.

I congratulated him about his new position and in his email response he wrote:
 I noticed a while back that  Harry Browne's book The Secret of Selling ‎Anything is still a top seller‎ over at EPJ. I should note that my recent switch was also a 1 hour meeting and then straight to offer. I know of no other person who broke in this way. If any of your readers haven't taken the short time to read Browne's book, they really ought to.  Network, network, network. 

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