Friday, April 3, 2015

NYC Mayor Calls Sit Down; Son of Soros Attends

Mayor Bill de Blasio, aiming to have a larger national profile as a leader of liberal causes, gathered a group of progressive elected officials and civic leaders on Thursday to fashion a call for solutions to the nation's growing income inequality, reports The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Aside from the fact that inequality itself is a bizarre issue and concern, the idea that a billionaire by birth is actually in favor of  economic equality is absurd.

Jonathan Soros, who heads the lefty think tank The Roosevelt Institute, lives very well on his father's money. Call me when, "to be equal with the people," he gives away all of his father's money and moves into an SRO.

At such point, he would continue to be confused about economics, but he would  at least be consistent in his desires for equality actually fitting his actions and lifestyle..



  1. "... the idea that a billionaire by birth is actually in favor of economic equality is absurd."

    RW, from time to time you veer off into Class Analysis and you suffer for it. It's POSSIBLE that a Billionaire by birth is capable of being in favor of "Economic Equality" (Whatever THAT means...). What about the Khulaks? The Land Holders against Mao? What about the Jews?

    It can get very ugly very quick. Be careful, that's all.


  2. The main reason that Progessives like, DeBlasio, Soros and Soros Jr proclaim their "concern" for the poor is that, having proclaimed their concern, they feel they have don't their part and don't actually have to "do" anything about the poor - or even see them.