Thursday, April 30, 2015

Protesters Plan To Block Google, Apple & Facebook Shuttle Buses In Oakland Friday

The free market haters will be out in force on Friday in Oakland.

Demonstrators plan to block tech shuttle buses leaving Oakland and taking employees to Silicon Valley. The blocking is part of a series of Bay Area protests planned for International Workers’ Day on May 1.

According to an announcement on
The rich have begun colonizing North Oakland, West Oakland, and Downtown. Their tech buses, their pricey cafes, and their luxury apartments have begun to appear with alarming frequency. This May Day, we will deliver a simple message to these colonizers during their morning commute.
Protesters will also be meeting in the platforms of the MacArthur BART station and in front of the BART gates on Friday.

There are also plans to shut down the Port of Oakland on Friday morning.

There is a large contingent of radical left-wing anarchists in the city, who believe that the current society must be destroyed, so that, phoenix-like, a socialist/anarchist society will emerge.

With this group plotting and lurking in the background, the potential for any protests to get way out of hand is a very strong possibility,



  1. Lemme guess... They’ll organize the protest on Facebook and check in via iphones and android.

  2. I love the sign they're holding in front of the bus "WARNING: ILLEGAL USE OF PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE"- I guess they don't realize these buses mean less cars on the road, less traffic, less pollution, etc.

    These people need to read some Rothbard, Ron Paul, Block, Wenzel, etc. They should be protesting at the San Fran Federal Reserve. They can even use their Apple iPhones to look up the location of the building!

  3. They organized this whole thing with pen and paper of course.

  4. Pretty funny to see corporate SJWs being protested by ... um ... non-corporate SJWs.

  5. This is not an "anti-free market" protest any more than whatever the US military did today was a "counter-terrorism" mission. Do Google and Apple operate in free markets? Do their shareholders, lenders and customers operate in free markets? There is no free market to oppose. These jokers THINK they are protesting free markets just as surely as the military THINKS they are fighting terrorism. These people are protesting being disappointed, angry and confused losers who fail to understand what is happening in the world. Once again, like the military.