Friday, April 10, 2015

This is What Government Has Done to Healthcare in Canada

This is coming to America, once Obamacare is in full gear.


  1. Just like the Canadians drive down here(not for much longer) to get seen right away, we'll be driving/flying to Mexico.

    What an irony.

  2. Given the dysfunctional payment structure in healthcare where doctor and patient no longer negotiate services and payment directly, the increased wait time may encourage patients to reflect on the need for this type of healthcare. Currently GP's are paid to refer to specialists who are paid to recommend pharmaceutical or surgical treatment. No one is paid to consider the real risks/benefits of this process and these treatments. The patient must try to do this but without non-coercive price negotiations he would have to be a specialist himself to make an informed judgment. Without the quality/quantity/type/cost/etc. information in non-coercive price negotiations provided by a free market, we are flying blind and increased wait times may be a red flag warning us to stop and think. An unintended beneficial consequence. Now that would be ironic.